What is EnthalPya?

What is EnthalPya?

EnthalPya is an online software package dedicated to  refrigeration and HVAC


Cooling Load Calculator for Commercial (supermarkets) refrigeration    
Cooling Load Calculator for Industrial refrigeration
Cooling Load Calculator for air conditioning

Cooling capacity and electrical  of cold rooms
Cooling capacity and electrical of Refrigerated display cabinets
  Cooling capacity and electrical of ice machines
  Selection of units refrigeration plants
users EnthalPya 
Sizing of refrigerant piping lines

  Establishment of nomenclature material


Allow the user to have a technical file in PDF format, fully exploitable. So that you can:

For Professionals

Rental of advertising space

Ability to see them appear in the material selection:

evaporators                          condenser

The refrigeration plants          Refrigerated display cabinets

From the control                    Refrigeration components

The air conditioning equipment

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80 €/6 months , 50 projects
Description :1 users, Account management
Cooling Load Calculation for Residential Air conditioning
Cooling Load Calculation for Commercial (Supermarket) refrigeration sytem
Cooling Load Calculation for  Industrial refrigeration system
Pre-paid semiannually