Refrigeration load calculation for industrial business


Buyer, Architect, Contractor, Consultant, Small or big Companies (Engineering offices), want one software for calculating, quick and complete access to their projects at any time by simple Internet connection.

EnthalPya is online software allows you to calculate refrigeration system the cooling capacity (heat load), choose the type of design, print (format tender, spare parts) for your Industrial refrigeration projects.

Cooling Load Calculator for Industrial Refrigeration

Cooling Load Calculator for Industrial Refrigeration|EnthalPyaYou can select

Refrigerant: NH3,   R404,  R134,  R22

Compressors: Pistons,  Screws

Condensers: Air,  Water

Cooling capacity and electrical of Cold room , Cold Storage

*One important heat load that has been omitted in the calculation is the heat gain due to solar radiation.
This factor depends on a number of conditions which are related to both the location of the store and its method of construction.
In some cases, solar heat load may not be significant but in other instances, precautions may be necessary to reduce its effect.

Cooling capacity of Tunnel blast freezer

Cooling capacity and electrical of IQF

*IQF tunnel freezer calculation (SI)
Capacity (kg/h)  at -37ºC suction temperature at evaporator and 21ºC product in-feed temperature

Cooling capacity and electrical of Ice machine , maker

*Sensible heat changes the temperature of a material.
In contrast to the latent heat that alters the physical state of matter (solid, liquid or gaseous).

You have the ability to create your project in your language with your units of measurements and print in one of your client with these units

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Cooling Load Calculation for Residential Air conditioning
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Cooling Load Calculation for Industrial refrigeration system
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