Cooling Load Calculator for air conditioning

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Would have a reference point on air conditioning systems offer by professional.

*The risk of thermal shock
Large temperature variations (amplitude greater than 10 ° C) are harmful to health: it can lead to respiratory infections and eye irritation (especially if you wear contacts) because the air conditioned space is much drier .
Worse, heat shock may result to loss of consciousness or even worse, cardiac arrest.
So be careful when adjusting the air: it is strongly recommended not to exceed 8 ° C difference between the inside and outside. So actually, if it was 35 ° C outside, it would be reasonable to settle for a temperature of 27 ° C minimum inside.
And of course, remember to hydrate!


Calculate and offer your customers the best solution for equipment suited to their needs.

units air conditioning EnthalPyaCooling Load Calculator for air conditioning

You can select Operation:
Heating and Cooling

Internal units : Wall mounted unit,  Semi concealed cassette,  Ceiling

External units

*You have the ability to create your project in your language with your units of measurements and print in one of your client with these units
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